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Located between Flores and Sawoe Sea, Alor Archipelago is one of Indonesia’s last frontiers. Alor and Pantar are the main Islands and the strait between the two is a world class dive attraction.

A long time considered too remote because of the lack of infrastructure, Alor and its capital Kalabahi are now much easier to access. Owing to the latest development of Indonesian airlines this paradise is just a small step further than popular destinations such as Bali or Java.

In the Alor region, the local government is carefully planning and developing ecotourism as a part of a conservation strategy. Aware of the potentional of the Alor marine park, it is working closely with local communities, encouraging sustainable fishing techniques to keep Pantar strait an authentic underwater paradise.

The Pantar strait is free of destructive fishing practice like blast and cyanide fishing. Locals are using traditional fishing techniques (bamboo trap, fishnet, line) therefore coral reefs remain virgin and marine life abundant.

This is what makes Alor world class, precious and attractive diving destination. A share of our guests payment is used as contribution to conserve and protect Alort’s marine legacy. Pantar strait is already regionally recognised as a protected area and is currently in a process of becoming a National Park. This will give opportunity to future generations of divers to admire the underwater beauty of Alor.

The last frontier

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