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Gilles & Neya

We are Gilles and Neya, a French Slovenian couple with long-time experience in diving tourism in Indonesia. As a dive instructor and a rescue diver we were first working in a small dive resort in Sulawesi and after several years decided to move for a position on a diving live-aboard, working as a cruise director, dive guide and F&B manager assistant. For few following years we were gaining knowledge from many aspects of running a dive operation and learning how to work successfully with Indonesian team. With our new expertise in running a dive operation and with our backgrounds as Electrotechnician (Gilles) and Microbiologist with passion for food (Neya), we were feeling confident to follow the passion and open our own dive resort.We were looking for a secluded place where people value their marine resources and are conscious of marine protection. After months of searching for a perfect spot, Alor Archipelago came first on the list – we decided to “drop the anchor and grow some roots” on Pantar Island.

We situated the resort in its natural environment with as little impact as we could. We employed local carpenters and personally worked with them from dawn till dark until our little piece of paradise was standing 6 months later. We employed local villagers exclusively as our staff, which turned out to be a challenge on its own, since Alor is the region with one of the lowest education level in Indonesia! But we succeeded in training personnel that is with us until today and we think of them as an integral part of Alor Divers’s team. We also work closely with local communities, buying their produce, enlightening them about the impact of humans on marine environment and compensating in various ways their efforts to protect the short stretch of coral reef in front of the resort. Since years we are also dedicating our efforts to marine conservation of Pantar Strait.

We work with local government and we are looking forward to the day when many other ideas on coral protection will be applied. Pantar Strait is already recognized as a marine protected area, but there is more to be done if we want to ensure to future generations of marine enthusiast a chance to explore this hidden jewel of Indonesian seas.


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