CORAL REEF DIVING in Alor is nothing short of delightful since reefs of Pantar Strait are some of the most conserved marine systems in Indonesia. Apart from the prolific coral growth and staggering color palette of corals, sponges and anemones, diving in Alor is also well known for great variety of reef fishes and rich macro fauna. Frogfish, leaf scorpionfish, pigmy sea horses, eels, see snakes and great assortment of nudibranches are just a few to mention.

Visibility ranges from 15m/50ft close to a wet season and up to incredible 40m/130ft during dry season from June-October. In addition Alor is a place for remarkable surprises by passing pelagic – even whales! We offer no guaranties but hammerhead shark, reef sharks, thresher shark and Mola Mola (Sunfish) are spotted frequently. The dives are planned daily and decided upon the tide table in order to ensure the best possible experience. 

MUCK DIVING in Alor is building a worldwide reputation as a top muck diving destination. The name comes from the muddy or “mucky” sediment on the seabed often mixed with volcanic black sand and coral rubble. It offers perfect camouflage environment for unusual critters like Rhinophias, devil fish, hairy frog fish, sea moth, snake eel, zebra crab, coleman shrimp, solar powered nudibranch, harlequin pipefish, velvet and robust pipefish, different seahorses and many more.

Several muck dive sites are located in Kalabahi Bay and few more on Pura and Pantar Island. Serious muck diving enthusiasts should not miss out on Beang Bay muck diving which can be organized as a special day trip upon request and if sea condition allows (around 1hr speedboat in one direction). There will be an additional surcharge to cover extra fuel.

Organisation & safety


We insist on a safe diving practice based on a computer profile and appropriate safety stops. As we do multiple dives per day we stay within the limits of decompression. The preserved coral reefs rise close to the surface, thus it is a real pleasure to extend the dive time in these rich shallow waters. Every evening a dive plan is made for the following day according to the guests’ wishes. Setting off at the resort, we can reach the sites by boat in 5 to 30 minutes’ time and the house reef is open from 6.00 to 21.30 so there are more than enough possibilities to satisfy any diving appetite.

The house reef is extending several hundred meters north and south of the resort. It is a drop off where a steep slope and a vertical wall interchange, with generous growth and excellent fish life. At night, you will be surprised by the number of incredible critters around.

In some places and especially inside the narrow strait between Pantar and Pura Island, the current can get quite strong. However many dive sites are protected and even »sportive« ones can be planed according to the tide in order to get easier conditions. Our dive boat staff is trained to watch for divers at all times while they are underwater; still it is recommended to carry a safety sausage.

The dive boats are designed for 6 divers. There is 2 European dive guides working full time at the resort (and Gilles is helping for the busy periode) , all are diving enthusiasts, who will assist you with finding special »camouflage« and unusual marine life.

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