The official currency is Indonesian Rupiah. The rate of exchange is approximately 1US$ = 12,500 Rp. or 1 Euro = 14,500 Rp. There is only one ATM in ALOR and we advise you to bring along a sufficient amount of rupiah to cover your personal expenses. The resort accepts Rupiah, Euro and US, SING, AUS Dollars.


The diving is possible all year round but the resort is not operating from 7th of Jan to 1st of March (maintenance and staff holiday) during the raining season pick.

The microclimate of Alor archipelago is relatively dry for most of the year.


For most of the year we have practically no mosquitoes since there is no standing freshwater or any open water containers. However – to be precautious all the beds are protected with removable mosquito-net and we can provide some mosquito repellent if you don’t bring any along (needed in rainy season only, from Dec to end of Feb).


It is strongly recommended to have insurance that covers also diving activity and confirm well ahead of departure that they can effectively service the remote regions of Indonesia.

Time difference

Alor is +8 GMT.


At the resort you can get hand phone signal and we provide some Indonesian HP number if yours is not active in Indonesia, so you can reach and be reached by your relatives and friends.

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