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Eco Dive Resort

in Alor Archipelago - Indonesia

Where are we

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Alor Island's world class dive site in Indonesia. Home to one of the best coral reef and marine life of diving Indonesia. Alor Divers Is an intimate eco dive resort where diving is passion, a place of incredible surprises! Alor Divers offer you no guaranties, but Mola Mola (Sunfish), Thresher shark, Hammerhead shark, whale and Marlin have been spotted many times.

The resort

Intimate resort situated on a 400m long white sandy beach; stretched layout, all the bungalows and restaurant seafront, spacious private terraces with view on spectacular Pantar strait; indoor bathroom with hot and cold shower, 24h reliable electricity.

All board accommodation with a variety of healthy meals, succulent combination of Asiatic and International dishes... read more about resort, bungalows, restaurant or dive center.


Indonesia world class diving site in Alor, where is the virgin slopes and walls with generous coral growth, scenic underwater rock formation and pinnacles, excellent fish life, critters dives and more... Unlimited diving on pristine house reef, seasonal passage of whales, you can find it here.. Dive locations chosen according to the tide to get the best conditions and safe diving; all the dive sites within 5 to 35m boat ride... read more

Why eco?

At Alor Divers we are committed to ecological approach and principles. Read more about our eco choices and planning and how we have minimized the consumption of fossil fuels.

House reef gallery

Amazing pictures that we have been captures of Alor Islands diving site in Indonesia archipelago. Please click here to see photos taken exclusively on our house reef.


  • Resort capacity: 14 divers
  • Low ratio divers/guide
  • Only one group / dive site
  • Unlimited diving on a pristine house reef
  • Custom built fast fiber glass boats
  • Healthy meals with local products
  • 7 beach bungalows, 20m space in between.

Latest News

Diving the pearl of Indonesia...Raja Ampat


Dear All, due to last minute cancellation, we have a space free for a male on a dive cruise in Raja ...

Read more

Charter the resort

To enjoy diving holiday exclusively with your friends or family, read more about our offer. We guaranty that you will be the only group in our resort and that you will be the only group underwater.

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